Sophoi provides monitoring, evaluation, research and learning expertise to help people and organisations generate new knowledge, learn and change.  Our work is collaborative, practical and evidence-based.  We are proud of our social and environmental impact – both in the work we do and how we work.

Our Worldview

The urgent global need for transformation through systems innovation approaches which are embedded in a context of complex systems.

Our Ways of Working

Establishing a shared understanding and collaborative co-working

Generating robust evidence and practical knowledge

Creating and empowering societal collaboration and institutional coalitions

Supporting systems innovation, adaptive learning, and sustainable and scalable change


We work on, and contribute to, addressing the most pressing global challenges - climate change, environmental degradation, global health crises, and poverty and inequality. These “super-wicked problems” are the defining feature of the Anthropocene period – characterised by dynamic interactions between humans and ecosystems, and operating in complex and contested systems.

Addressing these challenges requires transformative and systemic change. Innovative solutions need to be urgently found, tested and scaled.  These solutions need to be grounded in robust evidence, practical learning and enhanced capacity. Our approaches and methods are informed by complexity thinking, systems innovation, adaptive learning, and resilient transformative change.


To have a positive social and environmental impact in the way we work, and the work we do, and contribute to solving global challenges in collaboration with our partners


Our values underpin both how we behave and the work we take on

  1. Imagination and Innovation: We bring this great human superpower into our work to help us and our client’s picture what is possible

  2. Empathy and Collaboration: We will do all we can to connect with our clients and, by extension, the people they serve with as much understanding as we can about why they do what they do. People drive change and people are complicated - we try to understand them.

  3. Rigour: We will make sure our work is robust, practical and grounded in evidence.

  4. Reflection and Learning: Through our collaborative, appreciative partnerships we will help teams and organisations understand internal and external challenges, provide support in adapting to them, and provide tools to achieve meaningful change.